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This month, LEVEL5, Hotspex, and the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation were the proud recipients of the 2012 Best Multinational Award from MRIA. Together we were recognized for our design and implementation of an outstanding multi-country marketing research and intelligence project. Our team spoke to over 8000 respondents in 11 countries around the world to find out what they thought about Ontario as an international tourism destination. Using our proprietary BrandMap™ tool, we were able to pin point the emotional and functional attributes Ontario can leverage to drive tourism into the Province. With this robust research and information in hand, the Ontario International Tourism Brand is well positioned to succeed. Congratulations to all the winners.  For photos and further information, visit:

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Hello L5’ers, The last thing I want is to admit is that it is almost my last minute that I am in L5 as an intern over the past ten weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making my time here so unforgettable and sweet. In the first day, I got an orientation from Angie, which made my work life here much easier. I learnt from David that to laugh and to learn are the top two things to do here which hit my heart and I got a friendly and warm welcome from everyone I met. What a super company, isn’t it? Thank you Hua for all the coordination done before I could join and I really enjoyed doing the work assigned. Thank you Lan, Sean, and Ben for taking me to experience the workshops with clients which impressed me so much. Thank you Andy for your excellent training on the Brand Journey and for taking me to the restaurant nearby before I was too hungry. Thank you Lan for you training on project management. Please forward my thanks to Behzad  from Hotspex for giving me one-on-one training on their Brandmaps. I enjoyed the environment and culture very much as everyone contributes to create and nurture it. I like the ideas about Big Lunch Table, RAD, Kudo’s Lunch, Kudo nomination, e-card for birthday, working anniversary celebration, bell ringing and etc. I was much impressed by stereotype killing session and thank you Ian, Ashlee and Angie, who have given me a fabulous demonstration about how teamwork creates such a perfect Powerpoint deck. Thank you Sean for providing the opportunity to participate in our tree planting event. Thank you Matt for the photo. I would like to put it in my report for my headquarters if you don’t mind! Thank you Patrick for the opportunity to join in the brainstorming about consulting best practices. Thank you Janice for booking time for me to meet with David. Finally, I must thank David for sharing your unique and insightful ideas about corporate culture and team building. It goes without saying that Level5 has a great leader, a strong leadership, a great team, and a prosperous future. During the past 10 weeks, I worked, sensed, and appreciated. Not only have I contributed what I can as an intern, but also have learnt much more than I expected. I got a deeper understanding about consulting practices and learnt how to communicate with people in a cross-cultural environment. I felt more confident and comfortable when facing challenges and pressure. I love the culture reflected from the details of your daily work and operations. To be great is really your daily job.  I have already made myself a little bit different through laughing and learning. I really found something in L5 for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to learn from to build its own team culture. The best way to show my appreciation to you and L5 is to bring what I learnt about team culture building to ICBC. I will always remember my time here and thank you all for making my L5 experience amazing. Thank you for everything and keep in touch! 身体健康,万事如意! (good luck and good health!) Thank you and best regards, John  

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LEVEL5 would like to congratulate UP Express for being recognized as Project of the Year at the Global Air Rail Awards in Frankfurt, Germany. We are proud to have had the opportunity to support UP Express in the development of a comprehensive Brand Strategy. LEVEL5 started working with UP Express in September 2011 and began the project by synthesizing previous studies, including: market size, competitive landscape, consumer needs and potential purchase drivers, industry best practices, and benchmarks. The assessment also included a “market sounding” involving interviews with representatives of various industries to gauge interest in partnering opportunities. LEVEL5 distilled this research into a strategic brand assessment, which identified the major opportunity and challenge facing UP Express’ brand. The assessment led naturally into the development of a brand strategy, including: brand vision, mission, and values; brand DNA; and brand story. LEVEL5 then engaged its partner WinkCreative to develop a differentiated and compelling visual brand expression. These elements formed the backbone of the Marketing Plan that was delivered in the spring of 2012.   In December of 2012, UP Express engaged LEVEL5 in the next phase, to translate the brand strategy into more detailed plans.  We are currently working on the execution of the following four elements:
  • Development of a strategy to generate non-fare revenue (“partnership strategy”),
  • Development of sector-specific tactical plans,
  • Validation and refinement of customer experience (“retail choreography”), and
  • Integration of the above elements together with strategic brand advice.
READ this exciting client victory by clicking here.

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On April 27th, with a long and cold winter finally behind us, the L5 team decided it was due time we welcome the coming of Spring by giving back to Mother Nature Herself. Armed to the tooth with shovels, pails of mulch, and wide-eyed enthusiasm for both early mornings and digging holes, the team took to the hills of Windfields Park with a mission to improve Toronto’s tree canopy.

After a short lesson on the proper technique for planting trees – dig, place, fill, mulch, repeat – the team was put to work.  At a surprisingly fast pace for a Saturday morning, the team planted tirelessly until every tree had successfully found a home.  In that one morning, with the help of a few hundred fellow planters, the once barren hillside had been re-born as a burgeoning young forest.

Tired, covered in dirt from head-to-toe, but content with our work, the team left the hill Saturday afternoon vowing to come back to see how time would turn the potted saplings we found into the urban forest the program aims to grow. Save for a few purposefully placed worms – a direct result of Olga’s admission to fearing them – the day went off as cleanly as the air the fruits of our labour will help to produce.

Hopefully next time I will be successful in enforcing the ‘animal clothing’ dress code I tried to implement…

Sean Pavlidis / LEVEL5 Analyst