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By: Sylvia Palka Melo, Senior Consultant

On August 23rd, 2016, LEVEL5 opened its doors to over 60 of the best and brightest students from the top business schools in Canada for our annual Open House. The event kicked off with a keynote speech by LEVEL5’s Founder and Managing Partner, David Kincaid, on the company’s history, our unique perspective on Brand as a Business System™ and our culture – which is at the heart of the LEVEL5 brand. There’s a magical ingredient to the LEVEL5 culture that makes all the hard work worth it. It’s summed up in the answers to two simple questions that we ask ourselves every day:

1. Did you learn anything?
2. Did you laugh?

As David explained, “whether it’s four in the afternoon or eleven-thirty at night, I can ask anyone in the office those same two questions and feel pretty confident about their answers. When they say yes, I know that our culture is in good shape.” At LEVEL5, our employees are not just part of the company, they’re part of a family in which there is no shortage of laughing and learning.

Following the keynote speech, the students were broken into three groups for a panel discussion, where LEVEL5 team members fielded questions, sharing experiences and shedding light on the most interesting aspects about working at LEVEL5 – from our culture, to the different types of client projects and industries we work with to how we define and help organizations manage their brands… and everything in between. After the panel discussions, the groups all came together to network and connect. In true LEVEL5 fashion, there was plenty of laughing and learning throughout the evening.

LEVEL5 thanks all of those who attended our Open House and wishes you much success in the upcoming school year!

Be sure to check with your university’s events calendar to find out when LEVEL5 will be at your next on-campus recruitment event.