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michaelBy: Michael Maringola, Analyst Intern, Summer 2016

After four months and lots of beer (clients), my summer at LEVEL5 has been a fulfilling and valuable experience. As an intern I was given an inside look into the management consulting industry, with a special L5 spin. It has been a long journey from that first interview with my orange tie to a long and hard good-bye. In that time, I’ve learned that it does not end with just the analysis, nor with the insights. It’s about the story, and LEVEL5’s story is one of the most compelling I have ever experienced.

Throughout my LEVEL5 journey, I was given ownership over various projects. Each project was a challenge of its own and I truly believe that is what made my experience at L5 unique. From focus groups to client meetings, I learned essential skills that created a foundation for communicating with different groups. The combination of mentorship and collaboration with executives at focus groups taught me how to draw useful insight from large amounts of information. The workshops provided me with an opportunity to create an effective analysis and uncover insights. The combination of opportunities and support I received at L5 through every step was unparalleled.

L5 really embodies their core values, which allows everyone to provide the best value to their clients. Over my four months, I found myself reflecting those values as well. Every piece of analysis conducted for clients had a credible basis, central to the beliefs of accountability and integrity. The openness at the firm created an ideal environment for collaboration where I felt comfortable asking questions and everyone was willing to share their perspective. The positive energy from everyone at LEVEL5 created an environment where I felt driven and motivated to conquer the next challenge.

I was immediately given interesting work that allowed me to challenge myself. Over the last four months, I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects in various industries, from real estate (a personal interest of mine), to breweries (which at the time wasn’t a personal interest, but definitely is now!). From the very first day, I was embraced by the culture and people at L5. My colleagues were extremely supportive in providing me with help and guidance throughout my internship. I was able to build strong relationships and share many positive experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Ultimately, my internship at LEVEL5 Strategy Group has provided me with numerous opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. The L5 culture is unlike any I have seen before. I was welcomed into the firm and will fondly remember the projects I was able to work on. What made my experience truly special was the time spent after work connecting with colleagues through activities such as disk golf and volunteer initiatives! Getting to know all the L5ers is definitely what took my summer internship experience from great to truly exceptional. It was a summer full of SMART, BRAVE, ACTION.